18 mayo 2006

Tutorial: felted dog from "Wol & Zol"

Wol & Zol is a great felted blog writing for Marieke. Marieke is a a freelance designer and a wonderful feltmaker..... On her web i have seen a felted tutorial very interesting(Risa, just for you).
Thanks,Marieke! I love your blog!
Wol & Zol es un blog genial! Marieke es su editora, mitad diseñadora,mitad "feltmaker", hace cosas preciosas. Y lo mejor,¡tutoriales! No os perdáis el de este perrito.

7 comentarios:

anuska dijo...

Cuantas cosas, casi no me da tiempo a ver todo lo q pones

Esto del perrito es genial, muy original ;-)

Betz White dijo...

Excellent! I was wanting a very straightforward tutorial. I'd like to add this link to my posting on needlefelting.

Lolita Blahnik dijo...

Gracias por descubrirnos el tutorial, la proxima vez que vayas a comprar lana afieltrable dame un toque porfa, para encargarte algo si no te importa

Anónimo dijo...

muchas gracias! i can´t wait to try it. you are a dear!
risa :)

Marieke dijo...

Hi Anabel,

Thanks for mentioning me on your blog. Yours is a regular visit for me and a great source of inspiration!

I hope this way a lot of people find their way to my tutoral, because I would love to get more people into needlefelting because it's so much fun to do!


Anabel dijo...

True, the needlefelting is very funny. Thanks for the tutorial!

sa dijo...